The Show Is On! March 4th And Thereafter.

561478_10152252039925405_349362284_nIn a month’s time, the country is going into its first general election under the new constitution. This is going to mark the new dawn for Kenya and her people -peaceful  and happiness shall reign just like the day the new constitution was promulgated. The most obvious thing is that changes will be put in place as strong pillars of our democracy.

The best thing is, Kenyans are ready to surprise their leaders. My prediction is that, new people are going to inherit the mantle of power -based on merit not fame! Party elections depicted these to us, unfortunately some were marked with election malpractices rendering a good percentage of the whole exercise void.

Here is the problem: some political veterans are not ready to relinquish power to new comers. Just like how they did in political party primaries, they would try rig themselves into the public office. Believe me Kenyans, Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) is very aware of this and is ready to give them one more surprise. Unless they take IEBC’s ‘vote nullification warning’ seriously, the pain will be much to bear!

You and I know how they do and why the do it! For some, conceding is just a word that has no meaning in reality, they would do anything to get attain their goal -resulting in violence and financing of unrest. We should not back up such like people, better if election related cases be solved in courts of justice.


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