Illuminati Politics: Is Your Leader Clean and Holy?

In recent weeks, media houses were on fire about a new trend in town, Illuminati thing, in Kenya’s music industry. Although those mentioned denied these allegations, the public eye was opened an could see how far this practice has penetrated our country. Let us look into this matter a little bid further!

For some music artists, they claim to have acquired their finger signs from world’s greatest musicians. However, we all understand how it is difficult for an underground musician to rise within a short time and boom! A millionaire.   That is not how it is done, people move gradually in economic social status, and sometimes it takes years so some to realize their dreams. Any unexplained riches raises eyebrows and that is how devil warship comes about.

There are so many theories explaining how Illuminati thing control people’s lives. The most common being Riches that goes hand in hand with Human Sacrifice.  They further explain that blood of a close friend, relative, close supporter or in other words, loved one’s blood is used in tying satanic bond.

We cannot say music industry is the only one affected my Illuminati infiltration. What about this thing we love the most- politics? Well, I can not proof this to be true, but I am sure you have noticed unexplained bloody occurrences  in recent months. Think of high level of road accidents, ethnic clashes, politically affiliated murders, etc, occurring just days to the country’s general elections. Can we trust our leaders, are they clean as they claim to be?

Anything associated with witch-doctors cannot turn out to be Holy. A local television station (NTV) aired a factual news about how our leaders are closely associated with witchcraft, to an extend that they can do anything to emerge as winners in political contests.

This is not the first time. In every election year, people lose their lives through ethnic clashes, 2007 being memorable, worst hit by nation wide bloodshed. It is reported that many people who were vying for different leadership opportunities had consulted witchdoctors for intervention, and the outcome left Kenyans crying  to God for intervention, which He did!

I hate Evil!


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