Kenyan Needs:A Fairy-tale Kind Of Life

Dressed up Maasai warriors
Kenya:  Maasai warriors (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I lack a single word to define ‘Needs of a Kenyan‘. Imagine a situation where you are trying to bring together a group of people that seems so organized, of course you would not have much headache. Then out of nowhere, a tiny unfortunate event occurs and -once united group- is divided along hardcore greed, unshakable standings, and unreasonable hard-linings. What would you do to bring peace and harmony in such like group?

Understanding  them in different situations is easy, but dealing with them in such situations is like an obstacle that cannot be moved.  At particular time, Kenyans are so united and talking on one voice. Give them another minute and you will be surprised how divided they can be,  to an extend of cursing or doing evil to one another.

I believe that Kenyans are united in fighting closed-door evils in public offices. Social media has been their best choice for voicing their grievances and it had worked well. The President has done a great job, listening for the voice of the majority and has so far done us proud  by rejecting controversial bills that could have seen  greedy leaders looting from hard working Kenyans.

On reading people’s voices on Twitter and Facebook about insecurity in Kenya, I was impressed by their unity. A true spirit of ‘Kenyanism’ that we lack when handling important matters concerning Kenya as a country.

Another situation that do bring Kenyans together is a call for humanitarian assistance. Never have I seen Luhyas, Luos, Kambas, Kikuyus, Maasais, Nandis and other tribes taking part, have you? My opinion is ethnic tribes do not exist, but people do. The fact is, people have chosen fairy-tale kind of life over actual human life, forgetting that one lifestyle has a future and another is doomed to mislead but is short lived.

Politics has been in fore front in dividing Kenyans, the main reason why it is not easy to understand what a Kenyan want. This is the area that has drawn boundaries: put Kenyans into regional bundles and sealed their reasoning power-bargain for freedom.

It is not a surprise, bad leaders will have their way as good ones rest for their say in this coming general election (March 4th), because of regionally favored parties. For some, they would rather vote for a corrupt person for public office other than to elect a good leader running on a regionally despised political party. How unfortunate for a seemingly united Kenya?

I just wonder, what is this thing that Kenyans truly want?


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