Change We Need, Through Diplomacy

It is insane, beyond my understanding as to why some people do not see the meaning of life. Kenya has been a good country, with men, women and children who had one goal; that is peace. How did this dream change?

For years, the struggle has been on and off. People were optimistic about change they wanted so badly, but it became clear that nothing changes that easily. 

The optimum of this endless struggle reached peak point that no one had envisioned about. That is when it got out of hand resulting in mess we are now facing -lack of understanding, lawlessness, brutal killings and every kind of evil in our society.

However, we do have a more friendlier way to outsmart evil. In Kenya, we are fortunate to have so many literate people. Literacy is the only way for prosperous future, it conquers everything that is drawing us back -divisive politics, ethnicity, corruption etc. 

Sometimes I wonder how people reason out on matters related to security and national stability. I have my reasons for believing that we can make it through diplomacy no matter how worse the situation is. I advocate for peace and I stand for diplomacy in areas being affected by pre-election violence. 

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