Mathare Violence: A Week Long Of Unrest

Mathare No. 10 has been experiencing cold violence for a week now. Two rival groups are engaging each other in a game that has crippled peace in the area. It all started when a young man was killed in alleged inter-community love triangle.

Retaliatory attacks that followed claimed two lives with victims burnt beyond recognition. The story on ground is that, the assailants locked victims is a bub, splashed petrol all over the structure and set it on fire. The gang that organized the crime stood in guard with guns and crude weapons until the fire was beyond control. Property of unknown value was destroyed several people were displaced.

On Friday night at around 11PM, another arsonist fire destroyed  over forty houses, several people injured but no one was reported killed. Anti-riot policemen- in fully gear-  are already on ground but tension is high with some residents shifting to peaceful regions in fear of more violence.

This area is known to experience violence during election-periods and with this escalating  unrest, people fear of what could happen if the situation is not contained now.


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