Uhuru in the Spotlight

Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru KenyattaAs a side watcher, I have been following Jubilee alliance rankles very closely -even though in hushed tone. First, I wish to congratulate Mr. Kenyatta for helping Kenyans know who Mr. Mudavadi is, however, I have to note that something emerged that I will point out later.

I believe in myths, those simple matters that draws people’s attention and leave the public in dismay. That is my choice -my favorite base to explore the nook and crony of a scene.

I have to admit that I like Uhuru for his generous heart, for being ready to relinquish power in favor of Mr. Mudavadi. Though he denied, his right-wing, Hon. Ruto hinted of such agreement on a live T.v show.
If two people say almost or similar subject matter, then I have my conclusions. Mostly true! But a politician is always an escapist, its hard to pin one in a tight corner.

By now, I have a thing that is forcing me a agree with my mind that Mr Kenyatta is running his own race. Damn! I think that is a lie. If you care so much about political speeches and people behind them, then you have already discovered what his dream is. Uhuru is the son of his father -Mzee Jomo.  Jomo left a legacy that his son wants to build his leadership base on. That is the reason it is rare, if any, for him to complete his long speech without his favorite words ‘kama vile baba yangu…’ (just like my father..)

This is my stand on Uhuru’s political career.

He wants to be a good leader, to make a country grow economically just like the time of his father. He indents to leave a legacy -praises for being a good leader. He wants a happy Kenya just like the days of his father. Bring unity in every corner of the republic etc. In other words, he wants a common good for Kenya. Nevertheless, he is facing charges in an international criminal court. This is how M. Mudavadi came in!

The night meeting occurred, for sure it did! Just don’t ask me how I knew it.  Musalia was the only exit route for Uhuru, and I think he planned this very well without anyone’s consent -not even his close allies. The deal they signed was genuine -no ghosts was involved or whatever evil power he jumped to when he came under fire from the party delegates-, and that agreement made him exhale burdens of being hopeful flag-bearer for Jubilee alliance to someone expendable.

Why he did this!

This Kenyan guy is so calculating that he could see the future of Kenya with him as a president. First, do you remember what ‘ghosts’ told him? If not, let me remind you. He said that people in high places forced him to step down for Musalia because if he does become the president, the country will face international trade sanctions, he will face international travel ban, and the whole national will suffer in his hand. That is too much for him. His father’s legacy will be ruined and he do not want that to happen.

As a good man, he likes listening to the voice of the majority. The party delegates ruined his plans, and now he is going the hard way. Who knows what he will do in future to make sure he does not emerge the winner?

I rest. But a question is, what if he becomes the president after March general election? And in a blink of fate, he faces his worst fear, what would he do to save the country from draining into another Zimbabwe?


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