The Shadows of Politics in Kenya

sux when religion gets into politics
sux when religion gets into politics (Photo credit:

As I sit back and watch the titans battle for top seats in government. I can’t help but wonder why they are so daring, no remorse as if the past don’t matter. The question is, do they care for the people they want to represent?

It is evident that, the country has not fully recovered from 2007 horror scenes. However, our dear leaders have forgotten that, in fact they moved on and opened another page in their political career, expecting us -the affected- to follow suit without questions.

These people have never been there for Kenya, the country they want to lead don’t know them either. In fragile peace like one we are leading, I expected them to talk of unity, peace and harmony among Kenyans. So bad that only words like ‘I will.., they can’t.., vote out old generation.., elect digital.., shun analogue… etc‘ are being fired from one group to another.

It seems greed has blinded our political aspirants that they can not see the reality. For a reminder, we still have displaced persons in camps. The government’s move to resettle them was marred by politics, and by now they still wait in vain as promises and challenges are exchanged over them by political elites.This is insane! Politicizing everything good that could help common Kenyans emerge from their predicaments.

I only hope for a day Kenyans will say ‘NO!’ to this kind of treatment and retaliate by voting them out. There is need for new people, and people have a voice. Only by shunning ethnicity and employing people in terms of integrity that we shall win. Otherwise, we are bound in this dirty game forever.

I hate Evil!

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