Public Trouble-maker? Better Think Twice

398379_319083228195916_648391993_nShe was ahead of me as we trekked from the city center to the bus terminus. I did not know she had a thing with me, either positive or negative attitude, I run into it blindly.

This is how it went down -a great show for onlookers and passers-by.

I was in a hurry but she was covering the whole hall-way, walking in a way that could attract attention from a distance. Making sure I walk just behind her.

In my attempt to rush past her, she moved in my direction and I accidentally stepped on her heels. That is when an open air, free for all show started.

As a gentle man, I apologized to her thinking she would understand. In a twist of fate, anger or whatever it was, she was like, ” You’ve hurt me, en now you say you’re sorry? This will not count a thing.” That was something I did not expect, for defensive reasons I asked her, “What do you wanna do, now that you don’t want my apology?”. She stood there facing me like a wounded python, shook her head, cocked it on the left then on right side then she moved even closer to me.

Oops! That was too much. A step back, in my mind I envisaged a coming slap or worse a public fight.

It was then that words popped from my mind,”What do you really want? If you’re a good lady, someone I thought you’re then we should not be wasting each other’s time here. Look at these people! We are creating a scene here!” She did not move, but she kept on looking at me in a daring stare. “F*ck you!” she said. Damn, I took that as an ‘insult’ and started walking away from trouble.

I thought it was over. My fate was dry without a clear escape route. She followed me hauling insults -unspeakable words, one after another. It can’t hurt much as long as no one can recognize me.

I endured much of her words until someone came for my rescue. ”Kenya Kwanza” , he read words on her T-shirt. Swahili words when translated means ‘Kenya first’. Then someone else read the -sledge hammer- words on her back, “I’m ready to do everything for a better Kenya.” This was too much for her, she realized her mistake and apologized to me. The damage was already done, forgive and forget was the only way to end midday madness.

It was sad that we traveled together to the same destination. I just learned that she is my neighbor.

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