IEBC: 14.3 Million Kenyans Registered To Vote

Green light for 14.3 Kenyan voters

The compiled report by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) indicates that 14.3 million people have registered as voters, but this figure could go slightly up when Kenyans living in East Africa Community (EAC) countries- Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi will be listed.

This figure is about 3 million shy of the projected number –the targeted registered voters- which was set to reach 18 million before the beginning of the exercise on November 19th and ended on Tuesday.

Some are blaming the IEBC for not adding more time to allow unregistered voters make up their mind. However, it is understandable that many people ignored the call for their personal reasons.

By using electronic system –Biometric Voter Registration process-, IEBC collected finger prints, ID card numbers, and pictures that will be used to identify the registered voter and help prevent fraud that the country witnessed in 2007. To host a free and fair election. The only chance to curb the repeat of post election violence that claimed over 1000 lives and left about 2 million people as internal refugees.

Come March 4th, Kenyans are going to elect a new president to succeed the retiring President Kibaki. Other government official – MPs, senators, provincial governors and local officials are also going to be voted in. This is the first general election under the country’s new constitution.

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