Hidden Plans After 2013 General Elections

Raila Odinga and his wife Ida Odinga during th...
Raila Odinga and his wife Ida Odinga during the ODM Rally at Uhuru park Nairobi. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now I understand better why the country went through a hard period after 2007 general elections. Most of us pointed an accusation finger on the Electoral Commission, but the main reason was never discovered, and people still believe rigged election triggered violence in the country.

If we remember well, opinion polls indicated that Prime Minister R. Odinga and President Kibaki were so close, and that any of them could have emerged the winner. But since Raila seemed to enjoy support country wide, some rubbished these findings terming them as malicious means to sabotage the reality. It did not take long before they faced the outcome in anger and disbelieve.

The reason why I believe President Kibaki’s re-election was genuine is the fact that it seems the crowd that Raila was enjoying had no votes –non registered voters. And I can predict the same going to happen in March 4th 2013.

Recently, the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) reported that they have registered majority of voters in Central and Nairobi region. By statistics, these two regions favor the Jubilee Coalition led by U. Kenyatta, S. Ruto and M. Mudavadi.  Something to worry about is, are the CORD supports ready see someone other than Raila become the fourth President of Kenya?

The formulated plan

By now everyone having a mobile phone has received a message from IEBC urging people to go and register as voters. Voters’ registration campaign has been all over the country –through news channels, on-ground door to door campaigns, and even the politicians are preaching this to their supporters. However, it seems people are not taking heed of all these.

My reliable source has uncovered the controversy surrounding this go-slow of voter’s registration. A lot has been said about BVR-kits, but all these myths are just deceiving means to keep people in the dark. Youths in Nairobi, mostly in those areas that were severely affected by PEV  are grouping themselves in readiness for another onslaught on rival communities.

It has also emerged that these people have deliberately refused to honor their democratic rights; instead they are equipping themselves with crude weapons and warning their neighbors of what would happen if CORD does not emerge the winner this coming general elections.

During those dark-days in Kenya’s history, criminal minded individuals benefited much in looting and day light robberies. In my view, they are trying to cripple this election just to have another lawless crime spree. I hope the law enforcement team is aware of this.

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