Who is The master in Love Relationships?

There is a reason for everything, and there is always a link to common mistakes we make. The mistake we underestimate might turn out to be a hard nut to crack. Love is the only game with no master!704624_10152285253200533_869879249_o

Love, Crazy love is like a mistaken desire,

Whose time comes when you face the reality..,

It does exist in books, HIDDEN IN BLANK pages,

Or Hallucinations of a lonely heart, “ By Jayson W

These are my favorite lines when describing love -well known, experienced by many and adored by a few. What is so complicated about these inner feelings? Is it possible that someone could master the art of love and be able to help others in solving love issues? Mine is a good guess, just like yours. But I can’t give someone time to solve my love life.

I have tried to find a long lasting solution for my love problems, not good but trying anyway! Love counselors are there but trust me, most of them have no idea what love is, and they only look for limitations that could be the cause of relationship hurdle.

 Try this or that, something that you have already tried and never worked. Or worse, ‘share more time and work together’, I call this nice approach to a downfall in a relationship. It won’t work, in fact this time together can result into a fight, anger etc.” Anonymous man lamented.

A stressful relationship starts showing dark signs during the first stages. It is very unfortunate that during this crucial period, love blindness covers dark marks left behind by true human characters. By the time one starts realizing the devil side of an angel, time has moved on swiftly that only regrettable trace-marks are noticeable as the damage stays intact to hound one for life.

The better part is that dialogue still wins a faint heart.

Showing love where non exist, caring for the monster created by love back-lash,  talking about those good old day –pictures, videos, and love stories you shared together when love was blind, can turn up things into normal. Even though sometimes the second party maybe hard to change mind, it is worth a try and it costs nothing.

Love hurts, that a must know. Nonetheless, a mountain can be leveled, so do love relationships.  Unless one opts for better greener pasture somewhere else, there is always hope for a better day. The main reason most couples stays together even though through ups and downs –personal differences.

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