Hopeful For a Better Tomorrow

English: Statue of Dedan Kimathi in Nairobi, K...
English: Statue of Dedan Kimathi in Nairobi, Kenya. Dedan Kimathi Waciuri (truly, Kimathi wa Waciuri), Field Marshal, (October 31, 1920 – February 18, 1957) was a Kenyan rebel leader who fought against British colonization in Kenya in the 1950s. He was convicted and executed by the British colonial government. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The future of Kenya is so bright, but it comes with a condition: living in harmony, violence less, mutual coexistence, love for humankind etc. This condition is not hard to fulfil, it only needs to see the reality. Love for the nation or patriotism is all that is needed.

In past four years, we have been trying to fix the mess we made. Blame it on anything that comes your way, but keep in mind that politics has been and will continue being a dirty game in our country.

Before concluding that you have little you can do for change, have a clear conscience towards other people, we all fall in a similar group that comprise of the hassler. In this huge group, we have destroyers of common interest and those who abide by mutual inter community relationship. Where do you want to be? You have a choice to make; however, you choice should be determined by love for humanity rather than racism.

One thing is so clear, that we have a beautiful country. The soul of this nation is buried in each and everyone residing in Kenya -both indigenous group and foreigners. Nevertheless, the people should have one voice, a cry for change from minority rule to majority way.

Of course, we are not talking about mass action. We do remember what is did, do we? A quick flash back could answer that.



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