You Want Change? Be Part Of It!

Being careful does not mean you are weak in mind, it is just a reflex action to keep you away from trouble -keeping you out of danger. The time is coming, drawing close every split-second that requires maximum care, respect for constitutional laws and the state’s welfare.

Everyone resides under the rule of law and has constitutional rights and privileges that guides in day to day life. However, sometimes common sense matters a lot in making a decision between a delicate situation.

In Kenya, we are aware of difficulties surrounding each and every eligible voter. Now that voter registration is underway in every corner of our sovereign republic, I know there are those light-hearted -those who believe their vote will not count- remembering previous election period that sparked violence in most parts of the country. It is time to bury the past and forge for a tomorrow we do not know about, hoping for better!

Register Now!


Future economic growth in Kenya seems bright, but it depends solely on the outcome of this coming general election- March 4th, 2013. This is partly a challenge and also a privilege for people to make this dream come true. Will you be there? Say Yes! For those unable to.


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