Value For Political Benefits Over Leadership

We have a problem; I think we have politicians but not real leaders. Look! We have been experiencing some kind of unrest in this country –violence in Eastleigh, Baragoi killer gang crackdown, Garissa military operations that has left the town vandalized with property of unknown value damaged. However, we are yet to see elected leaders going to the affected areas to give support to the people, or just a simple presence to show the people how closely their leader is monitoring the situation.

“If this is what democracy is all about, then I wish we did not have this system of governance. What is the benefit of choosing a leader who values only the benefits of leadership while forgetting duties involved? We are still very far from real democratic rights, although we still enjoy virtual benefits only when we elect a caring politician” –leader.



In democracy world, a leader is always a symbol on unity among the people. The person is expected to be free from tribalism, racism or nepotism. Here in Kenya, how many times have we seen elected people’s servants running for tribal cover when in trouble? You know what; they use people’s weaknesses for their own advantage and they always make sure tribalism does not cease from minds of the people.

Our political masterminds use political parties as their regional affiliation cover. Even though we have Political Parties Act that deters formation of region-affiliated parties, they know all the weakness of the Act and they know how to infringe this law without causing ripples.

I guess a leader should not worry too much about joining which party and at what time to ditch a certain party for the other. A good people’s servant should be sure of being nominated in whichever political party of choice. This is what we lack in current Kenya. Party hopping denies people an opportunity to choose a leader, at the end; a strong political party takes a sweep currying the good and the ugly side of democracy, that only comes to reality after elections.

By doing this, they make sure a voter has no option but to vote for party nominees instead of having a choice between individuals from different political parties. This brings up the difference between politicians and leaders.


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