Just a Note Kenya: Don’t Forget The Beast

Last two weeks we experienced blotted blood baths that almost crippled social and mutual interaction between affected communities. It almost escalated into unnecessary unrest in the country. Can this be an early warning for another dark hour in the country? Let us see!

Still we live in fear for post election violence this coming general election. Even though the President has always been in fore front in preaching peace and stability in Kenya, a few people can believe there could be enough security to guard the evil from repeating itself, tension in inter community relations is still static, and we can not rule out the possibility that criminals can take that advantage to maim, harass, rob, and kill innocent peace loving people.

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Unless the game changes, we are being led into that trap by our political affiliations. The very evident practice that closely inclined to whatever happened before 2007 election is being repeated this year: regional political strongholds, preaching regional collaborations, party ditching and joining regionally affiliated parties etc. I would exempt those politicians eying for governor’s post and that of the constituency’s, however, as for presidential seat, we need a leader -someone who has Kenya at heart- not a regional president.

Our fear for change, fear of unknown, fear for what we think might happen if so and so is elected as president are thinks that has always taken us back instead of moving forward economically.

We fought amongst each other, violently attacked one others for no reason, or is there one? At the end, we went about 15 years back! Most people in middle and poor class are still straggling to put behind what happened years back, and still more to come if we do not learn from our mistake.

Believe me not, we can make a difference. We can change this system -partisan politics- and create fear in those who thinks they can manipulate our ignorance for their own advantage. Nevertheless, this can only happen if we bury tribalism and refuse to take a bait our politicians are trying to allure us with.

I wish we can send all of them home by choosing new leaders. You wish is your command!

I hate Evil!


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