Suguta Valley -Fleeing Bandits’ Threats

Airstrike not possible in Baragoi Valley? What is lie! This is a move to avoid civilian casualty or just to make the Killer gang feel powerful in presence of security personnel. Just a reminder. Kenya’s Media earlier reported of the same group using women and children as human shield, to add on this Kenya Military has experience in such like warfare. Something is missing here!

Gang threats that they will shoot down fighter planes pursuing them in death valley is like adding an insult to an already wounded and angry Thanator (an imaginary creature in Avatar Movie).

Thanator: image from san-sci blog.


This gang of lawless Morans as we know are heavily armed, but their firepower is not that powerful to threaten KDF (Kenya Defense Forces) Air-force in tracking and taking them out.

According to Daily Nation, peace negotiations between two rival communities in the region are still underway as elders in both sides urging the Morans to return stolen livestock. This comes when ground forces consisting of regular police and GSU (General Service Unit) are still combing the Suguta valley to recover  Anti-Stock Theft officer Gucha Woche’s body which is still missing.

This operation is being conducted to rid off the Killer gang that massacred about 42 police officers.

Daily Nation Photo





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