Peace In Kenya – A Tale Of Old Tunes and Dances


There is this thing we call ‘old tunes and dances’. Better we fall short of words, be we should not if we think of it more carefully. We do like going by the beats of new generations, however, we are falling into the snare of doubt whether who is who, who is the best dancer -singer, vocalist etc. Should we be so eager to dance that we forget to note, and node to the lyrics? Believe me, if you dance to the beats without listening to the lyrics of the song then you are doomed.

Put music aside, in old days or just before our generation, our fore fathers were good in everything and they acquired wisdom from the surrounding. My it be from little insects that crawl foraging for food, may it be a small child learning to talk, and in most cases they learnt from mistakes made by others. Now, something to ask you, what do you have that is so unique that could make the older generation admire your unique ability? Do not say your generation is so advanced Technologically that you can do almost everything by the touch of a button, remember, in those days people had their own Technology that satisfied their needs to the maximum. We have failed to use what we have for the better, selfishness has taken prudence over love and insecurity is on the rise not only in Kenya but worldwide.

It is time to go back in old days to learn their ways of life, dance to their tunes and listen to their lyrics. Maybe we may catch up with a phrase denoted by an image above -PEACE. It is high time that we reverse our minds, think like Kenyans not as a tribal beings, preaching UNITY and shaming forces of evil that are trying to tare our beloved Kenya apart.

I hate evil!




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