Insecurity in Kenya- The Tale of a Wild Thorny Shrub


Once peace was our bride, we used to say ‘A peaceful house surrounded by wild thorny bushes’. It seems that we forgot to uproot shrubs that extended excessively onto the door closing us in for good. Now that we have realized the menace that we are already so deeply into, I hope we have to rethink our strategies in dealing with these thorny shrubs.


It is not good to keep waiting for a situation to get out of hand before we take the initiative, we should strike when the iron is still hot! No violence can create peace, stone throwing and other forms of riots only causes more problems than that much needed solution. The most important thing is to have a lasting solution for insecurity. How? Well, we know how it all started, and we have to remember what went wrong – Post Election Violence (PEV) in 2007-2008. This was the first time citizens in Kenya disobeyed a direct order, disrespected the law enforcement government forces as a resulted violence claimed over 1000 people. Image


This kind of disobedience has a lifetime negative impact on peace loving Kenyans. Even though we may blame criminal elements among the people as the cause of insecurity, lack of fear to the police force is the main reason people infringe the laws resulting in crimes. Some says that the government is reluctant to enforce law and order within the country, others say that poorly payed police force is not effective enough in dealing with crimes. The bottom line is misbehaving Kenyans are becoming difficult to be dealt with!


Oh, do you really think foreigners -Somalia insurgents al-Shabaab- are behind insecurity in Kenya? They might, but we must remember the infamous thorny shrubs. Our porous borderline, corrupt law enforcement forces, corruption in high ranking offices made everything possible for small arms to penetrate into the country. If security measures were put in place, non of this would could happen. I hate evil!









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