Personal Discovery, One Trick That Hides in Self Shadows

‘I wish I could reverse the clock and make my life worth my time.’ Fine words of regrets hu! Well, he is not the first person who has had that moment of discovery—the journey of life, a new beginning or a new page that means everything in life. However, only a few people do realize that the day of self-discovery has come and the way forward after.

For some, it may take forever to discover what they are, who they are and what to expect in future. These unlucky fellows live in darkness, hitting from one corner to another in search of self-worth in life. Others end up giving up their dreams because they lack an inner drive in pursuing their goals. So sad!

For you to realize who you are in life, you must be ready to accept these three values:-

a) Being positive about who you are

.b) What is it that motivates you to stay alive

c) The legacy afterlife

Self-discovery is all about rethinking your strategy after everything that you have already attempted in life. Learn a lesson or two from your failures and building a firm foundation on channels that worked before.

We all know that positive results motivates someone and uplifts one’s  inner desires to do more. This should be your highway towards your goals. Yes! That desire to accomplish more in future.

A good goal or a target is something that adds value to your life and in the community as whole. Oops! In other terms, a goal is something that makes you happy as an achiever.

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Why Many Politicians are Not Leaders

Who is a leader? You may think that everyone elected or nominated to take care of business on behalf of the people is the leader, but this is not true. A true leader takes chances to serve the people. He or she is willing to face the worst for the benefit of the majority and would not be moved by anything that might go contrary to his or her cause.A leader is defined by, not how much crowd he or she might be moving, but by how they control their minds of people. This make is easy to identify a politician who thinks they are leaders. Contrary to all qualities of a leader, a politician is an opportunist who takes advantage of the situation for personal gains. To them, the people who support them are like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle for easy goals. A politician would rather let his people get in harm’s way but will never stand and defend the people against an aggressor. No wonder, no politician would stand for their words!This is great! A good reason why leaders never create followers but they create more leaders. As for politicians, they create followers then ditch them along the way to success. Now, this is why many politicians are not leaders. Pic: twitter quotes.

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How Some Kenyan Youths Are So ‘Cry Babies’

Kenya, a nation that elbows the Indian ocean on the East, shoulders Somalia and its illegal weapons, carries Ethiopia on her head, soothes Southern Sudan on her other shoulder while embracing Uganda. She also happens to borrow some ‘boots’ from Tanzania for her stability in the South. But she has a problem… her youths are so naughty!Why would her younger generation be so rude and unwilling to act when called to take action? It is because of hopelessness in these youths. Or maybe they feel it is their time to relax and wait for ready made from the aging generation.As the aging generation pulls the strings to its side, youths have nothing that can counter the effect. What these youths do the best is to create a hashtag on social media, make it go trending for some time then cool off. It also happens that Kenyan youths do like fighting amongst themselves so much that they will never realize the power they have when united.The division among Kenya’s Youthful Sons and DaughtersKenya’s naughty generation has nothing to call it own. It owns nothing but a big mouth on the social media. It is not that they have been denied access to her cake, but because they are so proud to compete for a small cake. As a result, Kenyan youths ends up having leftovers for the wiser ones and nothing for those who still believe that their time will come someday.The big rift is there between the wiser lot and the big mouthed foolish fellows. It is already clear that Kenya has some youths who jump into action, even though late, and grab on their mother’s cake… ending up happy! While the lot from afar wait for a change in high hopes. And when their expectations land in a negative ground, they arm themselves and go rampant attacking anyone they think did not make a good decision. Bad Mistake!The lot that likes waiting, likes blaming, likes pointing fingers, likes making wrong decisions, likes being cry babies, likes being called to take a bite, and like etc… however, they are not ready to prepare and wait for a chance to dive in for a piece of their mother’s cake.In most cases, the lot that runs wild either physically or socially… have nothing to show that they tried but something went very wrong. Of course, they like it bad, make it easy for something to go bad so that they could wage war against genuine systems.Pic: pixabay images.. cry babies

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An Internet Hawker: The Hunt For The Missing Money

A nice day tickles happiness. That is one thing that each and every human is willing to achieve someday in life.

Now, does time matter when someone is busy scratching the surface, turning opportunities one after another in search for that unseen jolly in life? Let me tell you my story.

Well, I hunt for money all over the web and I take money-streaming-opportunities very seriously. Call me an ‘internet hawker.’

In my lifestyle, I stumble upon challenges like scam sites and humans who are there to use people’s skills for own benefit. I have seen good money earning sites emerge and after a while, they go down forever. But I’m not going to tell you all that.

My story is the hunt for money and how I take them home… and why this time, I am at the loose end.

Okay, I work online for hours. Last week, I was able to generate a good income from my web hawking activities. I sent the money to PayPal and later transferred the money to my local Bank Account.

And here is where my predicament unfolded.

The Bank that transacts business related to PayPal has a promise that the money, upon withdrawal, will be reflected on the Bank account within three days. Fine, all has been well until the new year’s first transaction that just evaporated into the tiny air.

Apparently, the Bank does not know where my hard earnings are.. only promising to follow up as days in time go by without hearing from them.

My biggest worry is, in a few days time I will be forced to use their services again. Should I continue trusting the agents who handle PayPal money on behalf of the Bank?

My dilemma,

I have to use PayPal, nonetheless, no other Bank is in line with PayPal in Kenya, meaning I have nowhere to run! Either to ditch them and continue with my hunger or to give them another shot and see what will happen.

So sad that my weekly internet hawking business is going down because of the missing money. I have to buy data bundles to refuel the hunt for money, I have to eat from my hawking activities or else I put aside virtual hawking to real life hawking because I do not have a job at the moment.

To cut the story short, someone else’s mistake is haunting me negatively.

It hurts to see my plans dwindling between survival and total collapse. The quiet Bank is giving me all excuses it may find as my missing money goes from hopeful to a mystery… or a riddle that neither I nor the Bank can find an answer for.

Maybe PayPal dispute center will solve this for me.

Happy Reading! Oops! I think I have a long way to go to achieve happiness in this life… Only Time will tell.

Source: An Internet Hawker: The Hunt For The Missing Money

Can ‘Crooks In Office’ Change For Better? Why You Should Not Expect Change..

When we define the word ‘crook’, we find that it means dishonest person. Now look at this person in this perspective. He has power because he used ‘backdoor’ means to get there and he has support because some people think he is the right person for the job. Here some of his behaviors and that what lies in the future. You and I can’t deny that we have leaders who were born to lead. They have support from all corners of the land. They do great stuff for people and the economy of the land bears witness for the job been done. However, we have those other guys who are there because they want to create negative history. They make sure almost everyone is feeling the pain of a bad decision. They do stuff that only promote the minority as the rest of the population is left out. These are crooks that I want to highlight!When a crook has power, it does not matter how many people will suffer under their leadership. What they care the most are the benefits from every mistake. These are leaders who fund corrupt projects. They know very well that only a few people would get the share from the loot but as long as they have created another channel of income, the rest is history.In public, such a leader would say stuff like, ‘we’re going to rule this land for 20 years before anyone else takes it from there. We are organized, unlike the other guys…’ This kind of blah blah blah goes on and on but they don’t have any idea how their leadership style is hurting their people and how the land is drying out so fast— economic backlash.In most cases, crooked leaders do not care about the numbers, as in the electorate in their pocket, they create systems that are easily manipulated. In this case, the electoral system is weakened in their hands. They force changes in laws related to the electoral system in readiness for general elections. They make sure that the opposition is pinned in the tight corner… before unleashing the hidden agenda. Crooks have a mentality to think that they own the land and the people found in the mix are the miscellaneous lot waiting to be plugged out or forced to accept and remain silent. The reality is, they only need a crowd for the mysterious mission, but they do not need the people as their ascend in or remain in power. In most cases, only a few people are naive enough to support them, but the system is so easily cheated to retain them. It so happens that most crooked leaders have a handful of support from the people, but what lie behind the scenes is the real power behind their leadership. This is to say, the crooks can be in power, yes! But they are not there as per their own wishes… they have puppeteers who hide behind the scenes to harvest what they did not saw. In other words, crooked leaders may be in power but they are puppets being controlled by the cartels that wanna hide ‘the rot’ from people’s eyes.Ever wondered why it is so hard to get rid of the crooks in power? Elections of the land mean absolutely nothing. Remember, the cartels have strings in every system. They puppeteer anything they want and how they wish the results could go. Meaning, the queues are for losers… because winners have strong strings to pull. This is why people go to cast the lot, but ends up being ashamed of themselves because that needed change never happened as they wished for. Can ‘crooks in office’ change for better? What a nice question! Some crooks would wish to be good guys. They might attempt to change their stars for better. However, people who put them in power just can’t allow it to happen. In fact, anyone who wishes to withdraw cartel land into ever burning fire or ends up dead. No wonder why a bad leader goes from bad to worse and never vice verse. What it meansWell, to sum up everything. A crooked leader is never free to decide what to do. Their advisors and bad enough to lead them astray… and they don’t have a choice but to follow. Oops! The saying, ‘A good leader surrounded by bad guys.’ can summarize this. This happens when good guys are driven by greed to sign up for a course that they don’t have power to handle.

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Hell No! That Is Not The Way You Usher In A New Year..

In my earlier say about the year 2017, I said we should expect it to be tough. That was what I felt, how I still feel about it and what I see when I stick my nose in future. An introvert as I am, I spent the better part of the day indoors. Most of my time wasted on some stuff on the internet and rarely did I speak to someone about me, him/her, or the surrounding. Yes! That is just me, the way I am and something I want to change in this coming fine days.Out there, nothing seemed like a new year. In my view about the first day of the year, one should avoid trouble at all cost. Be cool and likable, be welcoming and easy on stuff that might cause havoc, et Cetera. Surprisingly, there are humans who chose to taste the sweetness of 2017 by either beating up someone or being whopped. Well, the day was full of cries and shouting.How it startedThey say a good day is seen in the morning, but what would they say when a bad year is ushered in by fighting— only minutes—in the new year? Does this suggest something beyond our prediction? You have to ponder over it…In the morning of 1st January 2017, people were happy as usual. Jovial to the fact that they had managed to see one another in the year 2017. As usual, happiness and merry making do not end well without empty beer bottles and wines on the table. At the end, someone gets hurt… not always, but it happens just as it did today.My neighborhood is a tricky place where something so small might be magnified into a gigantic problem by just one individual. Youths do not like settling small matters by mouth, they like squabbles and real physical fights. Oops! Even on 1st January, someone may afford a drop of blood.Fire in the areaThe evening hours were mostly calm, only if we do not mention irrelevant domestic verbal wars, until fire razed down someone’s house.Oops! That was it in the new year 2017, in my residential place. pic: cat fight from pixabay.

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Predictions For New Year 2017 and My Resolutions

It ain’t funny! I made damned resolutions for 2016… obviously, I wanted to make changes in this little piece that I call life.The moment I stepped in 2016, I laid out plans, filled social loopholes I had in 2015. From afar, I looked at it and said ‘This is good.’Well, as time went by, the then pieces of the jig saw puzzle became so irrelevant. The schedule went from bad to unwanted. It ruined me… damned my cool lifestyle. I Lost my big smile and replaced it with a funny dude’s face. I had to make a decision— either to draw a new social path schedule or to ditch it and go on with life as it comes.Oops! One thing came in my mind… ‘you can do better without some limits… you always do.’ Oh yeah! My eyes were opened for the first time. I let it go!Now I am here. Standing on the edge of this rejected crumbs that mark the hours to the end of 2016. Yonder, I see the beast of the New Year 2017 looming in. Daringly, menacingly and cunningly approaching. I look at my defenses only to notice that I have only one choice— step out and fight! The dance that should end with the win— no lose, no run, no nothing.It is the terrifying New year 2017…To Kenyans and I in the mix, it is such a challenging year because of the general elections that gonna happen in August. I look outer the window to see Kenyans loving one another and wonder if they could behave the same after elections.As a peace lover, I look I see I listen I admonish those in the wrong and move on to another party. No time to waste on petty politics that only leads to hatred, ethnicity, and insecurity.Come back here… Resolutions for New Year 2017,First, I have to fire this thing called ‘quiet me’ or introvert as you may call it. Then move on to a ‘blogger me’ that needs to be revamped, then get to a ‘public speaker me’ that has been dormant for years— say forever.There is the need to go out and learn to be me. I need to create lots of enemies because of my big mouth. I needa start hearing whispers of fear from my criticizers. Listen to the wit of those who wanna walk with me and sit at a table with the knowledgeable minds for the better understanding of this world.One thing I learned in 2016 that will keep me going….You don’t have a cool friend until you make one… but how? Qualities of a good friend are derived from the hidden behaviors that only comes out when you are in need. And on this earth, we do find only a small percentage of such individuals. I guess I have to learn to walk alone… That way, I will be able to tell who is who in my ‘pack of friends.’I guess the tough year will be tough as it seems to be, but the tough will always prevail. That is me… as I wait for the beast to jump in. 2017 Here I Come!

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