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How Imagination Gives Rise To An Idea | Waflay Post

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If you can imagine it, then you can do it! Amazingly, every imagination is a hint that something can be done. We only have to make it the reality by attempting to make an idea come real.

The secret is just to make the first step, attempt.

A dream is a desire that only rests in someone’s mind. Nevertheless, the moment you make an initiative towards making it the reality, other things that seemed unreachable becomes windows of hope than only needs patience before fully opened.

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Reasons Why ONE Would Settle For Nothing | Waflay Post

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In unpredictable life we have as humans, some circumstances can force us to do whatever necessary to stay ahead of something but when things gets a little bit tougher, one can either give up and settle for the little acquired or just settle for nothing. Here are reason why one would choose not to fight for an unknown results and choose to settle

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Some Limits In a Relationship

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Should she know everything about you?

There is a reason why lies go hand in a hand with truth. And everyone has secrets that he or she can not reveal to the partner in love. Now, what if she is insists of telling her everything that you have done in life, including those dark secrets that keep you alive and respected?

The Plight of A Teenage-Looking Old Man

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A 40-year-old man was left with so many unanswered questions when a man in early twenties asked him about his life as a teenager and even advised him why he should not rush for relationships and marriage in the near future.

The father of one was left wondering why the unknown young man saw in him that drove those hurting and demeaning words from his mouth. Read more


Morgue Blamed Over The Missing Twin Babies

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An inquiry has been forced to check the conduct of the Kenya’s largest Maternity Hospital, Pumwani, after the disappearance of twins last month.

Allegedly, a female patient delivered twins in the hospital but it later emerged that her babies died under mysterious circumstances. Read more

When something cray like this happens, we go on blaming whatever the institution in place  but we forget to go down in crass root to identify those in connection and let the law take its course.

Funny how life seems meaningless for some people!

When Love Turns Scum!

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The quicker i became aware of the love scum, the

better I treated the ‘scummer’ from digging in my

love garden.

It all started when I was a little kid who knew nothing about love

that was when naivety was my bride and love was the second

party that came along.

She was nice but untouchable, hot but with a faint heart and

lovable by her sly nature😦

She touched my heart with pretense and showed me the way

to bigger worthless life. I loved that desperate moment

even when I knew I was not in her heart.

Oops! The day came when I told her that it was not

worth it to keep lying to myself that all will be well. I

told her to look for love somewhere else and I left.

As expected, she turned and walked away smiling broadly

like a new bright star!🙂

Your Inner Positive Drive is Your Key To Success

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Your Inner Positive Drive is Your Key To Success.

It’s obvious for people to think that being educated is the key to a successful future but from this lady’s bright future, you will tend to think otherwise. In her case, she didn’t get an opportunity to go through any formal education but this did not deter her from following her passion of being a leader and her strong inner drive of desiring to lead others to success.